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Colour Series 5 – A Floral Colour Wheel

Got another Colour Series, the next flower batch! (This was mentioned in this post here)
Just like the Bird Colour Wheel, these singular designed flowers correspond to each according colour on the wheel! The images above are for web only, and are arranged into Primary (Blue, Yellow, Red) and Secondary (Green, Purple, Orange) arrangements.

The designs are roughly based around these flowers;
Blue: Blue Anemone
Yellow: Sun Flower
Red: Red Camellia
Green: Green Rose
Purple: Purple Geranium
Orange: Orange Tiger Lily

I have the behind the scenes images and had framed it similar to my birds, as followed:

First they were all drawn separately on scrap paper:

Next they were trimmed to a rough similar size:

Then they were glued onto a black piece of construction paper and ‘framed’:

And finally, placed on my Art Wall right under my first bird colour series! (and both of them beside my landscape canvas painting, see my Instragram post for that one, or my Art Wall 2018 post!)

All images are (c) Kate Schultz 2018 – 2019.

Random trivia: This floral series actually started in November 2018, however didn’t actually take effect until February 2019 officially, because I didn’t know how I was going to go about the series until I figured out I wanted to base each colour of the wheel. An earlier version of the camellia was posted, and a different version of the orange and purple flowers (seen in this post here) on my instagram until, again, I decided I was going to go to the single flower route.

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Paintings, Sketchbook

Owl Painting

Finally catching up with my posts and pictures, this was my main animal painting of 2018, featuring an owl. This was done within the months of March to maybe May. I don’t recall now. I actually had progress shots, but they were poor quality and not post-worthy. This version is the watercoloured (wet) version, edited for web viewing.

I have the original sketch though! I managed to save it!

The sketch can also be seen on this post here.

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Design Work

Colour Series 4 – An Analogous Bird Harmony

A set of three bird trios based off, you guess it, the Secondary colours (Green, Orange, Purple) of the colour wheel, but as an Analogy “colour theory”. An Analagous Colour theme basically means to have a main colour picked on the wheel (can be any) and then two colours directly next to it. So for example, I picked green, and so, yellow-green and blue-green are the two directly beside them, if we go by the Tertiary based wheel in the link provided above. (Cool info about colours on that site, check it out!)

The birds roughly correspond with colours that match their species as such:

Green based on Parrots

Orange based on Canaries

Purple based on Martins

Unlike my first birds of this series, I didn’t frame these and left them as is. You can find the original photos on the posts off my Instagram:

The green birds

The orange birds

The purple birds

art work is (c) Kate Schultz 2018 – 2019, art done from Nov. 2018 to Jan 2019

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Design Work

Colour Series 3 – Secondary Colours Flowers

A set of flower designs based on the secondary colours of the wheel – Green, Orange, Purple. You’d probably think I would start with the primary colours, right? Well, haha, the way my brain works, apparantly not! However, these three were actually supposed to be early designs for another floral project ( as per Colour Series )I had started initially last Fall, 2018. That particular project will be posted within the next month.

The flowers’ colours correspond with colours that match the flower types:

The green one was supposed to be based on a green star gladiolus but I got a little carried away I crossbred geraniums and peonies and probably other things. I honestly I had no idea there were actually more green flowers than we think!

The orange is two tiger lillies.

And the purple is three daisies… I think. I unfortunately forgot to label it way back, oops! But they do look like purple daisies don’t they?

All three of these were the original designs of another project that will be posted soon of a Floral Wheel, because of consistency.

These have been posted on my Instagram:

Green can be found here.

I was super slow with this, with posts so far apart I confused not only my followers but myself! It’s so easy to get caught up in multiple projects and intentions and I’ve learned a lot the past year of the what-not-to-dos when running a social outlet like Instagram! *doh!*

Anyway, unlike the Birds I previously posted on here, I did not frame these ones or put them up on any wall or any such. I felt it was insignificant to do so, and they were nice practice rounds.

art work is (c) Kate Schultz 2018 – 2019, art done from Nov. 2018 to Jan 2019

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Design Work

Colour Series 2 – A Colourful Bird Wheel

As part of my Colour Series that I introduced in this post here, my first subjects were birds of various kinds with the respected colour that matched it.  So the image above is the for-web version of it, but the pictures are actually “framed” on my wall. Check out the details below.

The references were just various random photos I found of the birds on the internet. They are as followed:
From top left to bottom right:

Green: Parakeet
Yellow: Wilson’s Warbler
Orange: Western Tanager
Blue: Mountain Bluebird
Purple: Purple Honeycreeper
Red: Cardinal

Each bird was done separately on pieces of scrap paper:

So then I grouped them for fun (primary group, secondary group, colourwheel):

Then they were trimmed:

Then glued to some black construction paper as the “frame”:

And finally this is what it looks like framed! (No picture yet of it on my wall, that’s coming in a bit in another post!)

So…It wasn’t a huge deal, but I did miscalculate and goofed with some of the sizes of the boxes for the birds. That’s why it’s not “evenly spread out” and some random black spaces can be seen. I just wanted it set up as a six-boxed wheel with the main colours, so the point was made! Next time I do this for 2019, it’ll be better! This was just a practice round. Hope you enjoyed looking!

The original posts can be found off my Instagram. The birds were done around roughly October – November 2018, with the framing and rest of the project in February – March 2019.

(c) Kate S 2018-2019

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Dino Series 5: The Hunting Coelyphysis

Got another Dinosaur here to post! It’s been a while again, these guys just keep lingering on and on…

Coelyphysis were on of the earliest known dinosaurs to have lived, usually competing with other hungry meat eaters and beating them to their prey. They were super fast and agile creatures, with strong thickly muscled legs. Interestingly enough whenever a fossil is discovered of these guys, their skeletons are never 100% similar to one another. Some are bigger than others.

When I first discovered the Coelyphysis in a dinosaur book I thought, ‘Woah, they sort of look and act like Velociraptors! Though perhaps the latter might have been more intelligent. When they are depicted in illustrations, I found that there were many colours picked for their skin and for some reason I thought the yellowish tones made more sense. Who knows what colour they were. The point was to make them look like they are on a hunt.

(c) Kate S.


Sketchbook Collection 8 – The Rest of 2018

Oh-kay! Here we got the rest of my 2018 sketches – at least, out of the good ones! Of course, these could be considered more than just sketches and in fact they are as such:

From top left to bottom right:
First one, the owl, was actually painted, unpictured and will be posting soon!
The sloth hanging upside down was sketched, then the finished copy you see is outlined in black pen!
The next one is a rockhopper penguin, using dried colour pencils.
And the last one is a lineart of a moose, in which, if anyone follows my Insta is currently being painted!

and that’s it for my sketchbook from 2018 and for a while more since I am focusing on my cards and design work for a while! thanks for looking!

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Design Work

Colour Series 1 – Floral Bunch

Time to introduce another series of mine that I have been posting on my Insta the past few months – my “Colour Series” with subjects of florals (flowers) and birds…and will have more subjects to play with in the future.

The intent of the Colour Series of mine was to play with the variation of themes, compositions, and harmonies from the traditional Colour Wheel – it’s been used in design and art for years, pretty straight forward and easy to learn! So many sites out there explain it already – but if you haven’t yet go check out different harmonies!

See this link here for reference for the wheels I’m using!

Above picture is just a general bouquet of flowers with pedals that are lined up with the main primary (yellow, blue, red) and secondary (green ,orange, purple) colours. In this series you’ll notice quite a bit of usage with these six colours.

(c) Kate Schultz 2018 – 2019

This was done with watercolours.

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Sketchbook Collection 7 – Animal Cards

So I wanted to try this style of pen + color pencils animal heads, and it didn’t turn out so bad. This was sometime last summer to fall of 2018. I may or may not continue these, but people seemed to love the giraffe one on my insta! They might make good postcards in the future..

First: A hippo!
Second: A giraffe!
Third: An Elephant!
(not in dated order)

(c) Kate Schultz 2018 – 2019

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Sketchbook Collection 6 – A Bird Collective part B

Hey everyone! Got another bird collection for you~

During the summer months of last year I embarked on a 30 day challenge. Well, it only ended up being 10-12 days (I honestly cannot remember) due to time constraints and getting busy with life things. But still! It’s been a long long time since I’ve done a ‘daily challenge’ and plan to do more in 2019. So here’s four of them (not in order):

From top left to bottom right:

– Goldcrest, in colored pencils
– Blue Jay, in watercolors, also my top post of 2018 on Insta!
– Goldfinch, in colored pencils
– Western Tanager, in colored pencils

That’s it for the birds, but other drawings from this ‘challenge’ includes a few pictures I’ve posted before in previous entries: or

(c) Kate Schultz 2018 – 2019

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