The Gathering of the Trilos

Trilobites – the possible first known lifeform of a crab that lived hundreds of millions of years ago, more or less. They scuttled around the seabeds within the deep oceans baring many sizes, shapes, and colours, shedding their exoskeletons as they grew.

For a while I’ve been wanting to illustrate and visualize prehistoric, ancient and extinct creatures. They are fascinating to study (in books, of course) and Trilobites caught my eye first because of how simple, yet, ‘colorful’ their lifestyle was. I kind of imagining them gathering together with some rocks whilst reading on them, because, why not gather rocks in one place?!

I thought it’d be an excellent warm up to my upcoming illustrations and a nice welcome to my new blog! The first post contributed to one of the first lifeforms that may have existed.

I hope you all enjoy this blog, as I hope to take my drawings into the past and bring forth my ideas and concepts of my future projects!

Kate S (c) 2018