Sketchbook Collection 4

Got another Collection for you all ! This time it’s from mixed media. I decided, that into my Sketchbook Collection I’ll include things that are not only from pencils, but other media: colored pencils, watercolors, anything, since sometimes I don’t use a sketchbook at all. I like to use scrap paper to doodle too, and it allows some experimenting! This also opens this blog up to more of my stuff, other than my illustrations.

My best of pieces that are found on this blog will be found on my website I’m building – it should be done by the end of the year, but I’m still needing to use WordPress as a blog feed for updates. I need to get myself more out there, especially since this blog was quiet for so long. Sorry for the delays folks!

From top left to bottom right:

– Two drawings of sloth heads, pencil
– Three rough sketches of dragons, pencil. These were actually done four years ago, one of which sprouted into one of my digital paintings of the dragon
– A small collection of trees, playing around with my water color pencils
– A hummingbird, watercolor pencils

Kate S. 2018

Project Updates, Sketchbook

Sketchbook Collection 3 + site updates

First of all, I apologize for lack of posting recently, it’s been a weird busy summer overall but I promise I’ve been doing stuff! If you’ve follow me on Instagram you’d know what’s up!

Secondly, to update on the status of this blog site (wordpress), I made a few tweaks and some changes to the category menus for smoother access to posts depending on the subject matter. I like simple menus and clean sites. I think most do. I’ve also put a link up to my cartooning blog and my Instagram. This site will be a hub for my blogs and project updates. I got lots of stuff on the way! I even added a ‘Project Updates’ category to filter these types of posts.

I’m also going to try out linking this feed into Tumblr and Google+, similar to what I’m doing with Instagram into Tumblr. If you happen to be following me via either of those sites already you might see’ repeated’ works or posts, but as this is cleaned up and watermarked versions of my artwork being placed onto this site feed it’s technically ‘new’. That’s how my brain works! (actually, instagram is the better platform for ‘raw’ photos and wips of art rather than these cleaned up pictures so I guess this works out?)

So onto some new drawings:

Two sloths, a moose, and a rabbit!

More stuff on the way!

– Kate S. 2018


Painting Collection 1

I’ve been doing stuff, I swear! Here’s some paintings I’ve done the last few months!

From top left to bottom right:
Lighthouse at Sunrise
Orange Flowerfields
Ship through a Storm
Forest River

The only one I used a “reference” for was the Ship one, only for a ship wreck. Otherwise everything else about all these paintings are somehow from my head. I might also be inspired by my Van Gogh calender right next to me!

All done with acrylics on canvas. Can’t say how long because they were in steps due to time constraints. I have a goal of a once-a-month painting and so far it’s been good! Missed June though, oops! Sorry if it’s not “high res” but I hate storing, uploading, keeping, etcetc large photos than necessary. These paintings are actually on small canvases too to save space in my room. I hate overly large canvas, yikes.

All four of these can be found on my instagram @katesartz. I tend to update that more than here now so go follow me if you haven’t already. I include WIPs, random nature (and food!) photos and step by steps, and also my card designs. I’ll get around to posting those soon too.

I also have these two things to share:

What are these? These are just me experimenting with left over paint I may have had after doing those guys above. The left one looks like some flower in a sun-like pattern, and the right one is some baby lizard…thing. I really don’t know what was on my brain at the time.

Anyway sorry for lack of updates and posts, been busy with things. Working on a Portfolio and reel, hoping to be done all that by end of summer. I’ll link my “Industry Standard Portfolio Website” when it’s done.

Hope everyone’s having a decent summer, and stay cool!

– Kate S. 2018


A Blast to the Past – Watercolor Backgrounds

I’ve recently dug into my files on my back up drives and found these gems, some stuff I used to do during college to pass time or free my mind from stress.

I miss doing this and hoping to pick this up again three+ years later, but thought I’d share this with you all so they aren’t collecting dust.

I used to put these on my old Tumblr, in case any of you happen to recognize them from there. (No, I no longer use Tumblr right now, sorry folks!)


From Line to Paint 2 – Birds with Compound Names

Here’s another set of ‘from line to paint’ works that I completed recently! All of them were finished in watercolor pencils.




What’s a compound name?
A name that has two compounded words together. So, I took it literally.
I’ll do more animals like this in the future!

(side note: added a grey border, and took off my wordpress watermark so I can use the same images for my portfolio website. prepare for more grey borders!)

(c) Kate S. 2018


Dino Series 3: The Ancient Fish – Coelacanths

My next illustration to be added to be Dinosaur Collection: This time it’s a trio of Coelacanths hunting for smaller fish.

The Coelacanth are a order of ancient swimming fish dating back more than four hundred million years! That’s a looong time! Usually depicted as being nearly a living fossil in itself – with hard scales, strong bone and flexible muscles – these large fish are so rare, only two species are apparantly left, probably dwelling in the darkest pits of the ocean.

In this illustration, I depicted them being more agile and flexible, and the dominant fish type millions of year ago that little fish probably avoided to be eaten by. And so, this trio is in a hunt party, with one really getting into it, and the two on the right wondering if their friend will catch any. Ether or not they were fast down there, we’ll never know. But it’s fun to come up with different scenarios for them. I know fish sometimes can be boring, but this is what the creative mind is for! I even gave them a blue, purple tint to their scales.

(c) Kate S.


Sketchbook Collection 2

A collection of four more of sketchbook drawings, apologizes for missing an upload last week! But this makes up for it… right? 😉

Featuring from top left to bottom right:
Koala Bear, Bald Eagle, Sloth, Jaguar

(c) Kate S.